Hi Lee – We hear this a lot and it’s based on age somewhat, as you point out.  A 30 y.0. getting married needs something different than a 65 y.o. who’s mother of the bride.  Congratulations to you!

Maybe the best way to make this simpler is to divide us into over 45 and under 45.  (This is arbitrary of course, cause it depends on OUR skin quality.)

Over 45 and an event:

  1.  The Profound system.  This is a newish radiofrequency system but more effective than Thermage or Ultherapy because it is engineered very cleverly to reach deeper into the dermis to tighten existing collagen and build new collagen.  You need 3 months to see results.  Consider doing both your lower face and neck.  Don’t do it under general anesthesia: it needs both topical (cream) numbing plus some injectable numbing. General anesthesia has its risks, and you’ll bruise much much more than with the topical plus injectable.  This takes 3 months to see full results!
  2. If you have red and lighter brown spots, 1-3 IPLs.  These can be done without any or much downtime and clear up those color problems.
  3. If you have a lot of brown spots, a Fraxel dual targeted to brown.  The clinic you see can explain.
  4. Consider some light Botox/Dysport but do this well before, so if the injector isn’t good, it can wear off.  Start 3-6 months before. You can touch it up, if you like it 2 weeks before the wedding.  DON’T TRY A NEW PROVIDER RIGHT BEFORE  AN EVENT.  If it doesn’t go well, you’ll be very self conscious at the wedding.
  5. Same for filler.  It can make a big difference, IF you can find someone great where you are. Again, do well ahead, so there’s time to adjust it, if it’s not perfect the first time. It won’t look worse after it resorbs…..you’ll just go back to your baseline.

Under 45 and an event:

  1. Consider a full face Thermage or Ultherapy about 3 months before the wedding/event.  They have the same results, but Ultherapy is painful!
  2. If you’ve already been doing them, light Botox/Dysport about 6 weeks before. If you’re new to this, start 3-4months before, to allow time to adjust it.  AND….do your homework to find a great injector please.
  3. Same with fillers, a touch up about 4-6 weeks before.  If you’re new to this, start 3-4 months before, to allow time to adjust it.  AND….do your homework to find a great injector please.
  4. A microdermabrasion or light peel about 3-4 weeks before.
  5. Update your skin care products, and work on any acne, rosacea, or other medical issues starting about 3 months before the event.
Hope this helps!
Dr. Brandith Irwin
Founder, SkinTour
Director, Madison Skin & Laser Center
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