Part 1: Appreciating Your High Calling To Be More Than Average

caution Your High Calling To Be More Than Average patrick daugherty biz coach blogFor those of you who are just now joining us, this is Part-1 following the introduction in the previous post called: “Avoid Becoming An Online Home-Business Statistic”.  There will be 3 more installments following this as we work through the outline contained in the introduction.

Ok, lets start this off with a big, bold statement and get it out there early. From a very young age we’ve been lied to by society, our teachers and our family. I’m serious.  Think about it. When you tried to undertake anything that would set you apart, to achieve something where the end result might not be certain, we were told that it was risky behavior and deemed unsafe. Don’t try to hop up the stairs on one foot you could get hurt. Don’t swing on the monkey bars, you’re too young and you could fall.  It’s warped our view of failure to the point that it is to be avoided at all cost rather than be seen as a precursor to success.

I remember sitting at the park watching parents of 2 and 3 year olds who rushed over to coddle their toddler when they tried to walk and fell on their tush like it was the worst thing in the world.  I formed a theory that their child would cry after falling back on their padded huggies more as a learned response to their parent’s “fear reaction” than anything else.  When my oldest daughter Jessica began to walk I put this to the test. Every time she fell as she learned to walk we would clap and say “Yay Jesse! Good job!” before saying “now get up and try again”.  One day we were at the play ground.  I was seated on a bench keeping her in eye shot as she waddled around independently exploring.  When she was the furthest away from me, her little stumpy feet got tangled and she took a nose dive into the mulch. I didn’t move… She didn’t look for me. A parent looked at me like I was neglecting my child. Then, the most amazing thing happened. Rather than crying, she turned onto her but, clapped for herself and said “Yay Jesse!”.  That began a theme she repeated every time she fell. It was awesome!

What if we all saw failure as needed, as a requirement for winning in life?  What if we were taught that failures were our “success university” which required us to learn and graduate with a degree in order to become successful?  What if we were taught to not only embrace situations where the end result of our decisions might not be certain but rather to challenge ourselves by pursuing them?  What if we were taught that this is where “fulfilled living” truly exists?  How would your life be different? (DISCLAIMER: I’m not referring to being irresponsible or referring to risky behavior such as downing 10 shots of Tequila then climbing on a roof or leaning out of a speeding car). 

I had mentioned in a previous post that I watched several installments of the Discovery Channel’s “The Story of Us” regarding the history of the United States the other weekend. I was struck with a common theme of those that first settled the colonies as well as those who braved the journey here for the next several hundred years.  To leave everything behind to risk your life on a long voyage for the reward of becoming totally self-reliant in a country where you knew no one, solely because you yearned for the freedom to be rewarded by the fruits of your labor without the obstacles of having others profit from your hard work. They all were entrepreneurs who were willing to risk everything to reach this land where they’d find the freedom to pursue their dream, unencumbered by a king, a czar or oppressive governance.  They were willing to die for a chance to truly live and in turn, they created a nation.

The bottom line is that most of us need reprogramming. We’ve been taught to avoid failure by abstaining from challenges with uncertain outcomes. This is why even quotes from successful people play a vital role.  When we hear the threads of wisdom of those that have achieved success, it helps remind us of our higher calling – not to avoid such challenges but to seek them out, determined to make a positive outcome a reality… even if we must endure failures that precede it.

At some point you began to wake up and realize that you weren’t satisfied, that you were meant for something more than existing.  At some point like those that settled this country, you began to yearn for the freedom to be rewarded by the fruits of your labor without the obstacles of having others profit from your hard work.  As in “The Matrix”, you swallowed the blue pill and clearly saw that you had given away control of your life and refusing now to live in a “walking coma” anymore. My friends you are embarking on an honorable pursuit.  One which others might call risky and one where you will endure failure in order to become successful, but one that if you choose to endure the journey, will reward you with not only financial freedom but also of personal growth and the deep satisfaction of utilizing your God given abilities. You need to grasp firmly that although the past can’t be rewritten, every day you have the opportunity to write a defining page to a new chapter in your life. You don’t have to let a negative past define you!

In the next post I will discuss how to infuse your passionate purpose into your business by allowing it to define your niche.  I’ve said it before; you already have the main keys to become successful.  My job is to help you reconnect with them and grow in the confidence as you use them to create the life that is fulfilling.

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Patrick Daugherty

The “Biz Coach”

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Creator of:  “The Success Steps For Building Wealth Online The step by step training program that teaches serious online entrepreneurs how to earn money online by launching an internet marketing home business. Learn SEO along with Internet marketing training, affiliate marketing programs, effective social media marketing, getting free traffic and everything you need to know to design any online home business opportunity to reach your goals. All the keys to earn money online are the same and we teach you all of them!  You can also learn about how to get FREE coaching and support for your business!

 WARNING: We teach people to semi-retire in 12months.  It is designed only for those who are truly serious about realizing those goals!

At “Learn2Earn it now” we believe:

“You are not here merely to make a living. You are here to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, and with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world. You impoverish yourself if you forget this errand.”

- President Woodrow Wilson

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