New Stats! StumbleUpon Sending More Social Media Traffic Than Facebook!

Both Combine For Over 80% Of All Social Media Referred Link Traffic

Forbes recently reported that the social media site StumbleUpon has overtaken Facebook as the largest shared source for social media traffic in the United States, according to analytics site Statcounter. According to the stats, StumbleUpon accounted for about 43% of the U.S. social media traffic for January, while Facebook accounted for about 38%.

Statcounter tracks 15 billion page views per month from over 3 million websites. Among social media sites, it tracks the top seven: StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Myspace and Digg. Just last year during the same period, StumbleUpon made up 30% of the traffic, while Facebook had 48%. But, as a recent Atlantic article reported, the growth in online sharing with StumbleUpon outpaced Facebook in 2010.

StumbleUpon briefly took over 1st place in the spring of last year for about 2 months however, it is said that the trends on both sides show that StumbleUpon might be arriving for a long reign atop the social media traffic leaderboard.

What’s interesting is how StumbleUpon’s comparatively smaller user base, 13 million compared to Facebook’s 500 million, generates more traffic than Facebook’s.

Reviewing the web sites that my business has reveals that StumbleUpon sends a lot more traffic than Facebook does however, I’d have to say that Twitter has historically sent more that both FB and Stumble.  We use the StumbleUpon URL shortner ( that I find works well tracking traffic to the link and integrating with Twitter which is also nice.  That being said, I am definitely looking at capitalizing on this new information by making more of a concerted effort to emphasize using StumbleUpon in our social media marketing strategy.

So what sends you more traffic: StumbleUpon, Facebook or Twitter?

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2 Responses to “New Stats! StumbleUpon Sending More Social Media Traffic Than Facebook!”

  1. Stacey says:

    Thanks for the info I had no idea stumble upon was so popular, I have never used it on my websites!

  2. Peter Paterson says:

    I use StumbleUpon as a user and have submitted pages. I also get traffic from StumbleUpon to our blog. I think the stats are really useful and interesting that such a high portion of traffic comes from such a relatively small base. It would be useful to see some other metrics such as bounce rate from each of the main social media players as this would give a more meaningful insight into the value each provides.

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