Blogging Is Dead…And Like Last Year, This Time They Mean It!

The Key To Successful Blogging In The Era Of Short Attention Spans

As far back as 2007 ReadWriteWeb was asking this question. In 2008, it was wondering if the rise of Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and the like would be more en vogue for individuals, who were getting pushed aside as the conglomerate professional blogs were beginning to take prominence.

In 2009, Copyblogger declared blogging dead (again) but noted that it would continue to live on. Just last year, Problogger debated the role that email played in all of this, and concluded that it’s not an either/or decision.

And now that we’re into the third month of 2011, it’s time to start the prognosticating once again, led by none other than the New York Times.

Of course, it’s not the platform that’s under scrutiny as much as the users, the younger contingent of which are simply too unfocused and undisciplined to be able to focus on long-form content. We recently covered something of this when we discussed the changes in Facebook’s messaging system and its lack of subject line.

Another way to look at this is to separate the message from the medium, as Om Malik does. His contention is that it’s the content that matters, and the platforms are simply the ways we connect with each other. But Malik won’t have us count blogging out – there’s still plenty of room left for long-form content.

Julie Roehm parses out the numbers from the Pew Internet and American Life study that were mentioned in the New York Times article, finding that there’s a great disparity in how different generations consume content and that the older we get, the more likely we are to spend time on longer form content.

Where will this lead us? Are we doomed to sound bites, tweets and trite self-absorbed updates for the foreseeable future? Do we need to force-fit blogs to become more snack-sized as we Tumblrize the world?

For the marketers among us, we need to be prepared for all eventualities in this scenario. Which means the need to cater to the attention-starved while still supporting more in-depth content that conveys a deeper meaning with more context. For example, this would mean creating catchy headlines and could entice views of blog posts or videos. It would also mean creating shareable and embeddable pieces of content within those other formats – content that can live on its own and effectively convey your message.

The bottom line is that as quality content creators, we face more choices than ever in how we need to convey our stories. Consumers’ preferences are more fickle than ever so we need to prepare for their changing tastes while unraveling the “Gordian Knot” of how to engage them more fully….. The key to successful blogging however remains constant; that cultivating an army of fully engaged followers through compelling, high value content is an ever increasing vital key to the long-term success of your blog.

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18 Responses to “Blogging Is Dead…And Like Last Year, This Time They Mean It!”

  1. Ronald Redito says:

    As more and more business owners go into blogging to promote their respective industries, customers are left wondering if they really get the honest reviews of the products and services.

    Blogging for profit would definitely be harder this time but not yet dead. It is still essential to promote.

    • Kelsey Apley says:

      I blog and make money so I totally disagree with this post!

      • bizcoach says:

        Don’t understand I guess. My summation statement is “Cultivating an army of fully engaged followers through compelling, high-value content is an increasingly vital key to the long-term success of any blog.”

        So I don’t understand what you disagree with.

        Blogging is not dead. They’ve said its been dead for 2-3 yrs but (as my sarcastic title reflects) it is still alive no matter how many times they say it. Your blog sounds like a testament to that as well… Unless you are disagreeing, giving up blogging and asserting that it is in fact dead. Lol!

        Regardless, thanks for the comment!

        • bizcoach says:

          For those following along, Kelsey and I connected on social networks and it’s clear we’re on the same page. My Sarcastic tones are sometimes difficult to grasp (like the title of this post). She’s doing an awesome job marketing online and her blog does very well.

          You Rock K!


  2. Lynn Brown says:

    Patrick this is a really great article. I especially like your insight and advice.

    Longevity, long term and just plain staying in the game is what will determine your level of success. Far too many think once they have their blog or site, that’s it. They are done because people will come. So it will be those business owners and professionals that truly understand in order to win and succeed, you must stay in the game.

    Thank you for sharing and discussing this topic. I most definitely will be sharing with my fans, followers and clients.

  3. premiere reviews says:

    I just started blogging. I hope it’s not dead.

    • bizcoach says:

      Nope you’re safe, its thriving when done consistently with high value contently and develops a following. It remains an outstanding way to market yourself and your business by personally reaching out to attract a loyal following and generate a steady stream of prospects for your business.

  4. Dede says:

    It is true that attention spans have shortened. If you have high quality post, you will draw attention. That will never change!!

    • bizcoach says:

      100% correct from my perspective Dede! All the post-spun bot-manufactured content to rank high on searched keywords are not what people truly want when they search. When they find a source of quality info they will always connect, latch on and stay loyal.

  5. dendi says:

    I think blogging and social network will last more time. Many people feels that blogging and social network are most valuable things for internet marketing. Their product could reach people from whole world.

  6. Steve Johnson says:

    Not only is blogging a more viable media form than ever, the blog platform itself (thx to WordPress) is threatening to take over every other script genre save the dedicated forum.

    We now have:

    blog squeeze pages
    blog mini sites
    blog review sites
    blog link directories
    blog syndicates
    blog carnivals
    blog teaching portals
    and I’m sure a dozen others I can’t think of

    It makes me wonder if the more robust CMS platforms such as Joomla and Drupal are doomed.

    Today’s environment is light years from the inauspicious phpnuke web log script bundled into Redhat Linux distros that started it all at the turn of the century.

  7. Gil Pizano says:

    Great and insightful article. You remind me of a similar question/answer style of debate that occurred in the mid-20th century. “T.V. – Is it a passing fad or is it here to stay?”. The realization that blogging is here to stay will simply need to be proven by time. No matter what we say, time will ultimately be what proves bloggers like us right. Ironically, time is also the ally that exposes corporate website acting like a blog from the individual blog writers.

    Again, great article and good insights here!


  8. Joshua Smith says:

    Blogging is not dead. It is a valid part of my companies presence online.

  9. JoAnn Corley says:

    Excellent piece! Thank you!

  10. Francis Dinh says:

    I guess so. Like, many people are used to the shortness of Twitter and Facebook (although you can write longer on Facebook). Although, it is dying slowly, not dead yet.

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  12. hapryanto makka says:

    Blog will never be dead because it shares many information that we need, so if we want to stand with blog, we must be a creative blogger. But the question is “Is blogger still alive with your life” ???

  13. Is Blogging Dead « Neil and Gigi says:

    [...] Is Dead…And Like Last Year, This Time They Mean It! | TheBizcoachBlog As far back as 2007 ReadWriteWeb was asking this question. In 2008, it was wondering if [...]

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