The Internet Marketing Strategy Of Being A Niche Nazi To Attract Loyal Followers!

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How becoming radically authentic, controversial & “true to your niche” to attract loyal followers to your online marketing business.

There is a rut that almost every new internet marketer falls into and often times, can’t get themselves out of.  It applies to everyone who promotes anything through writing sales copy or blogging.  The rut is that of writing in a way that will not offend or turn off anyone.  To just deliver your helpful information unvarnished and let the value stand on its own merits.

Well that works great….if you want to be a dictionary, encyclopedia or owners manual.  Hell, even newspapers, CNN & Fox News know that you don’t get anywhere by doing that! The end result is that you won’t gain many loyally passionate followers (not visitors but followers) nor conversions.  Why? Because your target market doesn’t trust you!

Here’s a fact: people buy from people who are either like them or from people they admire. That is, people who are opinionated and stand for something passionately.  If you’re writing in a way “not to piss someone off” then you are going to attract people that don’t stand for anything nor take action.  Who wants an army of followers like that?

You have to be willing to piss people off who aren’t your target market. You have to make a commitment to being authentic and radically true to your target market and your niche. Let me tell you that if you don’t have detractors out there taking pot-shots at you then you haven’t taken a stand on anything!

Be radical, be controversial and let the sides of your personality come through that will endear yourself to your target market regardless of what it does to those you couldn’t care less about…..and let me be frank; I’m referring to people who won’t take action, wont make a buying decision on the solution you are offering for the pain they have…. Basically, people who wont give you money and pay you for your work.

Make no mistake, I’m not saying that the main reason you’re in this business is to make money….. oh, wait YES I AM!

There typical cycle for a new Internet or affiliate marketer, blogger or online network marketer. You start off with a top priority to earn money online; desiring to make money and improve your life and the lives of those you love.  Then you realize that you are getting fulfilled to a greater extent than you ever have before.  Pay attention now because this is what precipitates the rut: so many then make the mistake to exchange earning real money online for the emotional paycheck they get for “helping” others.  You just can’t throw the baby out with the bath water!

We’re here to provide a solution for one main reason…. To make money.  The reality is that if you just provide solutions for free you have given away control of your financial future and become an internet marketing volunteer donating your time.  Yes, you must provide value to change people’s lives and feel a sense of accomplishment however; know that the bottom line confirmation of that is making money.

You must accept that if you have done the work to provide a value based solution then you DESERVE to make money! That is one that many have trouble accepting subconsciously.

If you’re not making money, then often it’s because you’re trying to be so nice that you don’t upset anyone and ruin your “emotional paycheck” which is what you’ve begun to worship at such a high priority that it takes the place of earning real money online altogether.

So draw your battle lines!  Be radically on the side of your target market and screw everyone else!  Its ok, they weren’t going to take action and make a buying decision on your solution anyway.

Be RADICALLY YOU and get paid for it!

It’s the most effective way to take your online marketing to the next level.

Tell me what you think: Has your marketing efforts been caught in the cycle of trying not to offend everyone?  How will you change that?

Your coach & fan!

Patrick Daugherty

The “Biz Coach”

CEO of Learn2earn it now Training & Support

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  2. Burton Haynes says:

    Really great posting, informative , already shared with friends ;) looking forward to next post

  3. Malky the Ruffrebel says:


  4. Shirley Billson says:

    Thanks for this. I’ve only just liberated myself in this way – and it is so much easier to write freely! Why did I ever do it differently? As an example of this, I have just started re-writing the inoffensive “10 Easy Ways to Overcome Binge Eating” so it will now be, “Ditch the Fat Bitch”. An ex client loves it…so here’s to offending those who don’t like it and adding something to the lives of those who do!

    By the way, I have no idea how you manage to be so prolific….you must have a team of beavers working on your behalf. Best wishes

    Thanks again – see, I can be polite too!

  5. Tobi says:

    Great post again Patrick
    You’re right on the money.
    I’ve been trying to be positive and please everyone, it just doesn’t stick. Lesson learned, be real, be genuine.

  6. Philip Ramsey says:

    Thank you for this tip. I am not sure how to make marketing to our monthly networking breakfast for small business owners radically authentic or controversial. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

  7. Osman says:

    This is another blog for me,thanks for your writing…keep on your good job

  8. polyn says:

    its very nice posting. your post increase my knowledge at all… keep post good quality like this. i will visiting your site again. thankss

  9. John Smith says:

    Extremely interesting appreciate it, I think your trusty audience may possibly want significantly more articles similar to this carry on the excellent effort.

  10. Tania Shipman says:

    Great post. I am usually nice, but I do have strong opinions and haven’t always posted them in my niche.

    Good points and I will be practising them in the future.

  11. Ram Kr Shukla says:

    Promote through different means including organic and paid stuffs and check the loyalty through GA and judge which strategy worked best and streamline your approach accordingly

  12. Howard Gilmore says:

    Thank’s. A great relief, I don’t have to be nice!

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