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Succes Key quote bizcoachblog biz coach training system learn2earnitnowWe’ve been taught to avoid failure by abstaining from challenges with uncertain outcomes. Proclamations of wisdom from successful high achievers help remind us of a higher calling – not to avoid such challenges but to seek them out, determined to make a positive outcome a reality.

“Don’t ever think that you get nothing out of being treated poorly. Some of the best lessons I’ve learned were from bad examples.”~Biz Coach

Live today with energy and passion on the journey toward an enriching and fulfilling life!

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Interesting Insights Taken From Survey Surrounding Sponsored Tweets

Hard data that shines a positive light on the attitudes and effectiveness of sponsored tweets by major brands

As Twitter evolves as an advertising platform, with the latest development being Promoted Tweets to followers, there is concern as to how consumers will react to seeing ads from brands in their Twitter feeds.

The fact that large corporations have successfully begun growing their brand recognition and reputation through social media, specifically Twitter, has given credence to its effectiveness and credibility.  Sure, there will always be the annoying marketer acting like the noisy kid in the corner of the room yelling “look at me, look what I can do” and yet providing no real value.

That’s not unique to social media.  Our ability to unconsciously ignore their message is the reason we have the term “ad blindness” and “banner blindness” which has been proven true whether in print media or digital.   The question is, does developing a network of like minded people who reflect your target market respond favorably to a value added message to promote your branding reputation, your site and your business?  The answer is “yes”.

Internet Marketing Evolution! Is This The DEATH Of The OptIn List As You Know It?

evolution of internet marketing social media
Is there an easier way to develop a community of customers? The answer is YES and I can prove it!

So you’re starting a website that you would like to eventually get conversions for an information product, affiliate ads or even maybe for a business opportunity.  You’ve been told that the only way to do that is to generate traffic and grow a list of people who opt-in and subscribe to get information from you.  For new internet marketers this can be a daunting task.  But let’s think about how the subscriber list has evolved.

The purpose originally was to convince those in your target market to allow you to send them information that they were interested in, allowing you to have them get to know you, thereby trusting the email marketing of products you would promote and develop a community of loyal followers that buy what you recommend.  But with the evolution of new social media alternatives, is this stale strategy proving to be a more needlessly difficult and archaic method to accomplish these objectives?  I’ll tell you right now that the answer is a resounding YES!…. and I can prove it.

Straight Talk About What It Takes To Succeed In Your Online Business!

The single most important attitude adjustment you’ll ever make…

I speak to people everyday who just want their little piece of the “success pie”. They just want to be successful enough to quit their job or market full-time. Just successful enough to be comfortable, to get ahead, to pay their bills, to enjoy life a little more.

Because I care, I just can’t allow myself to make you feel comfortable treading water in life’s shallow end and enable your stagnation. So if the above description sounds like you, then you need to prepare yourself for an ugly truth….   

Top 10 Ways To Grow A Loyal Community & Increase Conversions!


The best strategies to develop loyalty in your brand, increase conversions and dramatically grow a community of ACTIVE  followers

So maybe you’ve begun developing a small but growing community of interested online “fans”.  Hopefully you’re building your dedicated community of fans by being a “trust agent” (Chris Brogan), delivering value and dedicating yourself to “being remarkable” (Seth Godin).

But, once you’ve begun to develop this “fan community” what are the best strategies to increase loyalty, keep them active & create conversions?

Want To Build A Successful Online Home Business? Here’s The Most Important Thing You Must Learn!

eran money online successful internet marketing home business on grass

The Most Important Common Denominator Among All Successful Online Marketers Making Over $100,000 A Year

When working with new or struggling online home business owners I’m inevitably asked what is the most important thing to learn in order to be successful making money online.  For those who are either aspiring Internet & affiliate marketing or online network marketing successes, my answer is the same.  It’s not a single marketing process or technique, nor is it becoming proficient in sales copy writing, blog set-up, site SEO, social media marketing or attracting waves of traffic.  Hell, all those my friends I can teach and you can learn.

The Business Principle Of Succeeding By Consistently Giving The Value Of Love

A great book from Tim Sanders creates a compelling case to support the viability of this principle in “Love The Killer App”

In this day and age there is more of a dog-eat-dog mentality than ever when it comes to succeeding in business.  From the financial markets to online marketing and even internet based network marketing; everyone is looking to take what they feel they deserve or looking for the new magic software that will give them the edge.

I am of the opinion however, that the obsession for “what will give you a leg up” is diminishing the perceived value of what really is the delineating factor in your business and that which determines your success or failure…  That is; who you are inside and what you internally have to offer to make the world a better place for your target market.

Google Display Ads Get A Social Edge By Giving +1 Option

Google Giving Display Ads  Their Version Of The “Like” Option With +1 Button

Taking their cue from the Facebook “like” button which has proven to be a tool to increase exposure and promote brand reputation, Google has followed suit with their own version;  the +1 button.

Zachary Rogers of “Click Z” stated that Google’s ad products are aiming to look a little more like Facebook’s.  Imitation however, might not be the form of flattery that Facebook is looking for as this social media war heats up.

Twitter Unveils New Long Awaited Analytics Tool

The Long Awaited Twitter Analytics Tool Is Released But Only In A Private Beta Version

Great info from Liz Gannes: Twitter just previewed its long-awaited Web analytics product, based on data provided about tweets and clicks facilitated by its link shortening service and “Tweet Button” tool for publishers.

Twitter Business Development Director April Underwood showed off the analytics product at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference, though she said it is available only in private beta for now. Update: A Twitter developer blog post says analytics will be available to all Web site owners “within the next few weeks.”

The Importance Of Developing Your Own Community Of “Tweet Evangelists”

The Key To Creating Site Pointed Tweets That Go Viral & A Cool Tool To Help Cultivate Your ReTweet Army!

Two years ago, most people would have no idea what you were talking about if you asked who retweeted them. My, how times have changed. If the right tweet goes “retweet viral” it can bring about a cash windfall like hitting triple-sevens on a slot machine in Vegas. Bing, bang, cha-ching!

At the very least, each retweet represents a boost for your business and depending on who did the retweeting, your reach can grow to 100 times more than your original message.

Here’s the bottom line: retweets are invaluable to your online marketing business yet they are typically managed poorly or ignored altogether by most marketers.  Cultivating a “retweet community” has been shown to exponentially increase your branding and marketing effectiveness.  When I teach this strategy I use the @mentions timeline on Twitter (which is also on most 3rd party dashboards as well) and begin to engage them.

Learn The New Google Rules For Author Recognition Before You Get Slapped!

How To Take The Right Steps So That The Google Spider Doesn’t Crawl & Penalize Your Blog Posts

We’ve talked about how to easily get valuable content on your blog before (see post: The Traffic Getting Strategy Of Inserting Yourself Into The Traffic Loop) which details finding great applicable content, posting a summary with a backlink-kick back to the original author to give him some traffic juice.

Google however has made some changes recently in how they would like this done so it’s  imperative that you learn this little trick so that, while others get penalized, you can increase your search ranking.  Basically it’s meant so that the “blog-bots” don’t just farm content, driving the blog without anyone at the wheel or even worse, trying to pass the valuable post as their own.

Twitter Adding New Activity Stream

The new retooling aims to enable you to have your finger on the pulse of what’s happening on Twitter now!

Twitter is introducing two new activity-centric features Wednesday in a partial redesign of its web application.

The changes, designed to help users more easily discover what’s happening on Twitter in relation to them, are reflected in two new tabs on “@[username]” and “Activity.”

The @username tab replaces the mentions tab and is more of a personal notifications dashboard. The tab will now include tweets directed at users via @replies (as usual), highlight favorited tweets and retweeted tweets, and include new follower notifications.

Founder Of Twitpic Launches His Own Identical “Twitter Twin” Of Revenge

Is it just revenge or does “Heello” bring something more to the table that would draw us away from Twitter?

Revenge is a dish best served cloned. Twitpic founder Noah Everett has unveiled Heello, his feature-for-feature copy of Twitter. The move comes just a day after Twitter completed the rollout of its photo-sharing service — a direct competitor to Twitpic.

Heello looks and acts like Twitter in almost every way. Instead of tweeting, users send “pings” to their followers. Instead of retweeting, users “echo” other posts. And instead of following, friends “listen” to their friends. The only real difference is that updates appear in a user’s stream in real-time, which is quite annoying if you want to click on something in a friend’s tweet.

And if that weren’t enough, Heello boasts Twitter and Facebook integration, so your Heello posts can still go to your other social networks. It also includes a real-time feed of all public activity, which currently contains a number of fake accounts claiming to be CNN, Tumblr and Mark Zuckerberg.

Hacktavist Group “Anonymous” Announces Plan To Destroy Facebook on Nov. 5

Vows to “kill” Facebook in recently published video and adjoining online statement for perceived privacy violations

Hackivist group Anonymous vows to “kill Facebook” on November 5, citing users’ lack of choice in privacy as its reason for attack.

The group of hackers has claimed participation in just about every recent notable hacking attack of this year and successfully broke into 70 law enforcement websites and took down the Syrian Ministry of Defense website this week alone.

StumbleUpon Surpasses The 25Billion Click Milestone!

Their famous recommending “Stumble” button has been clicked more than 25 billion times

StumbleUpon Surpasses The 25Billion click Milestone!

Their famous recommending “Stumble” button has been clicked more than 25 billion times

Social discovery tool StumbleUpon has reached a new milestone; its famous “Stumble” button has been clicked more than 25 billion times.

“Today we celebrate 25,000,000,000 clicks of the Stumble! button,” StumbleUpon Community Manager Monica Semergiu said in a tweet.

The social media company has been on a roll ever since it was spun out from eBay in 2009. In November 2010 the social site hit 12 million users.  Then in January of this year it recorded more activity then Facebook and Twitter!

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